CFES Mentorship Medal


The CFES mentorship award was created in 2008 to recognize the sustained and inspirational mentorship of colleagues and employees including peers, graduate students, undergraduate students and technicians. The award was set up in honour of Paul F. Williams, a geologist known for scientific and mentoring excellence, candour and integrity.


Mentorship is recognized as a critical part of professional and academic development and is vital to the health of any professional community. With this award, CFES/ recognizes an earth scientist from Canadian industry, academia or government. The award is given annually, provided someone who meets the criterion is nominated.


The sole criterion for the award is excellence in mentoring over a sustained period of time.

Recognition of past recipients can be found on the Mentorship Medal Page


CFES Mentorship Medal Nominations

The nominations period for the 2021 CFES Mentorship Medal is open and the application form can be found here as a .pdf or .doc.  The deadline for nominations is January 15th, 2021.


Member Organization Awards and Other Awards of Interest

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2020 Mentorship Medal Recipient

Citation by Iain Samson.

Acceptance by Dr. Pe-Piper

Professor Dominique Weis of the University of British Columbia is the winner of the 2020 CFES Mentorship Medal. The award is made in recognition of her passion for helping students to achieve their potential and her transformative vision for enriching student training. 

Canada Research Chair and Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, Dominique is internationally respected for the elegance, precision and impact of her geochemical studies of the Earth from large igneous provinces to the environment. She has an exceptional track record of mentoring students and early career researchers, having mentored over 60 graduate students throughout her distinguished career.  Recently, Dominique had the exceptional foresight to establish a national training network for students in geochemistry, which provided a scope of research, training, industry exposure, career development and mentorship that was unique in Canada.

Dominique creates a truly stimulating and inspiring environment for her students, using approaches tailored to their strengths, weaknesses and aspirations, helping to build a strong foundation from which to launch their future careers. Dominique is strongly committed to diversity and inclusion and to advancing the proportion and role of women in the sciences, and takes particular care to mentor young women across the board. Dominique’s unwavering drive for academic excellence, professionalism, and integrity makes her an outstanding scientist, role model, and mentor who is highly deserving of this award.

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