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Workshops for Teachers


EdGEO is a national program of workshops for teachers. Grants to support local workshops are available here.


Educational Resources


An abundance of resources for teachers is available through the Canadian Geoscience Education Network (CGEN). Plan activities to teach your K-12 students about Earth science using CGEN’s Earth LinksFor classroom-ready activities, explore EdGEO's free online manuals Brining Earth Science to Life and Putting Earth into Science


The Canadian Geoscience Education Network 


CGEN is a committee of the CFES, whose president is the CFES Outreach Director. CGEN is a network of Canadian educators and professional focused on all levels of geoscience education in Canada and increasing public awareness of geosciences. For more information on CGEN and workshops for teachers, visit their website here.


Careers in Earth Sciences


What can you do, where can you work, and what can you earn as an Earth scientist in Canada? CGEN has created a fun and interactive website for students to explore these questions. 


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