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Call for proposals: Geoscience in Society brochure

Geoscientists Canada and the Canadian Federation of Earth Scientists (“the Partners”) are seeking proposals to write and compose a national booklet describing the role of geoscience and the work of geoscientists in serving the needs of society. For the time being the working booklet title is Geoscience for Society – “G4S” for short. 

Project Overview

The overall project is to author, design, publish and distribute a strictly apolitical non-partisan plain language bilingual booklet for use in communicating on the role of geoscience in Canadian society to decision makers and the public.

There are three components to the project; 1) composing and writing content; 2) lay out and graphic design and visuals to achieve a finished product; and 3) French translation. 

While the booklet should be of interest and comprehensible to a non-technical reader, the desired target audience is the professional reader at a decision maker level. As examples, the G4S booklet should serve as a suitable information item to bring to a business meeting and leave with participants, to hand to an indigenous elder, MP, mayor, or senior regulator or policy planner. 

Proposals will be accepted until November 15th, 2016.

Please review the following document for full details on the project and information on submitting a proposal.

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