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The Canadian Geoscience Education Network (CGEN) is the education arm of CFES.  Founded in 1996,
CGEN is a national network of volunteers from all sectors of geoscience, focused on increasing public
awareness of Earth Science and supporting Earth science literacy at all levels of education across
Canada. CGEN's President serves as the CFES Outreach Director.  For more information visit the CGEN
website here.

CGEN coordinates the efforts of our sister organization, EdGEO, the Canadian Earth Science Teacher
Workshop Program.  For close to 50 years, EdGEO has provided teaching resources and workshop
funding for locally developed teacher training programs.  Workshops and field trips give teachers with
enhanced knowledge, classroom resources and confidence to provide their students with an increased
awareness and appreciation of our planet.  The intention is to improve the capacity for Canadians to
understand the Earth and to make wise decisions, especially with regard to the sustainable use of its
mineral and energy resources, protection of the environment, and responding to geological hazards.  For
more information and funding applications visit EdGEO website here.

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