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The International Union of Geological Sciences


IUGS is a union of 121 national members aiming to promote the development of Earth sciences though scientific studies, developing applications for these results to conservation efforts, and strengthening public awareness of geosciences’ contributions to society.


Canada is a member of the IUGS, and the CFES is an affiliate member. The Canadian membership dues for IUGS are paid by the National Research Council. Work that is carried out in Canada as part of IUGS tasks is managed and monitored by the CFES Canadian National Committee on IUGS (CNC-IUGS).

Committee members for the Canadian National Committee for IUGS include:


Katherine Boggs

CFES International Director and CNC IUGS Co-Chair

Mount Royal University       


John Thompson   

PetraScience Consultants


​Andrea Waldie

Geoscientists Canada 


​Peter Bobrowsky  

Natural Resources Canada

Michel Malo 

INRS University / Université du Quebec

Stephen Johnston 

University of Alberta


Oliver Bonham 



​​Jason Dunning

Canadian Institute of Mining



To view the Memorandum of Understanding between CFES and the National Sciences and Engineering Council of Canada (NSERC) regarding the Canadian National Committee for IUGS, please click here

To view the CNC – IUGS Terms of Reference, please click here

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