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Becoming a Professional Geoscientist


To practice geoscience in Canada (with the exceptions of Prince Edward Island and Yukon), geoscientists must register with their provincial or territorial professional body. Useful information on professional registration for Canadian geoscientists is available through Geoscientists Canada and their Geoscience in Canada website.


For issues pertaining to Human Resources, the CFES cooperates closely with Geoscientists Canada. Geoscientists Canada (formerly known as the Canadian Council of Professional Geoscientists, CCPG) is a national council whose members are the self-governing professional associations or constituent associations that regulate the profession of geoscience in each of the jurisdictions in Canada. Geoscientists Canada does not license individual geoscientists. Individuals must become licensed with the appropriate constituent association (regulator) in each of the provinces or territories in which they intend to practice.



Individual members of CFES-affiliated societies are eligible for a competitive insurance package for private consultants and consulting firms. Member associations are eligible for a competitive Directors and Officers insurance package.


HR Demands in Canada's Earth Science Industry


The CFES carried out a survey on future HR demands in Earth Sciences in 2007-2008.

The full report can be downloaded here.


Articles about the report appeared in various media. They are linked below:

AAPG Explorer - April 2009

CSPG Reservoir - April 2009


Future Generations in Geoscience

Every profession faces massive retirement of the Babyboom generation. A very insightful report in the perceptions and values of different generations was published by the Project Management Institute, which gave CFES permission to publish it with minor modifications. The Future Generations report can be downloaded here.


The CFES and member organization CCCESD presented a talk at the AGU meeting in San Francisco, Dec 6, 2011 as well as at the 4th International Professional Geoscientist Conference in Vancouver in January 2012. The presentation is available here.

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