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Atlantic Geoscience Society (AGS)

For award criteria see the Awards Committee section of the Appendix on the AGS website. The nomination procedures are described in point 14 of the Awards Committee section. More details and past recipients of AGS awards are available on the AGS website.

Gesner Medal - Distinguished Scientist Award 

Laing Ferguson - Distinguished Service Award

AGS Nelly Koziel Award - Recent, significant contribution to geoscience in the Atlantic Provinces

AGS Lifetime Membership 

AGS Colloquium Prizes

Rupert H. MacNeil Award (best student paper)

Rob Raeside Award (best student poster)

Sandra Barr Award (best graduate oral presentation)

Graham Williams Award (best graduate poster)

Encana Prize (best Offshore Geology session poster)

Noranda Student Award (best paper or poster in economic geology)

Canadian Association of Geographers (CAG)

The deadline for award nominations is January 31. For nomination procedures and full descriptions of the awards listed below please see the CAG website.

The Julian M. Szeicz Award for Early Career Achievement

The Starkey-Robinson Award for Graduate Research on Canada

The Robin P. Armstrong Memorial Prize for Excellence in Indigenous Studies

Canadian Quaternary Association (CANQUA)

CANQUA awards are on a biennial cycle. For the most up-to-date information please consult the CANQUA awards page.

Aleksis Dreimanis Doctoral Scholarship

W. A. Johnston Award (professionals)

Canadian Geotechnical Society (CGS)

CGS undergraduate and graduate award descriptions and submission details are available here.

Undergraduate Report Award (Individual Submission, Group Submission)

Graduate Student Presentation Award

Michael Bozozuk Canadian Foundation for Geotechnique National Graduate Scholarship 

Additional CGS society, division, and joint awards are listed here.

Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM)

CIM and the CIM Foundation offer several scholarships and awards for graduate and undergraduate students at the national and provincial/territorial levels. Deadlines and application contact persons are available here.

Graduate Students

The CIM MER Graduate Student Research Excellence Award; $2500.00; no deadline

Bernie Schnieders Memorial (Lakehead University, Ontario); $6434.00; late January (variable) deadline

CIM Saskatoon Branch Dependent Children and Student Member Scholarship Program (Saskatchewan); variable amount; February 9

Gordon M. Ritcey Award; $3000.00; April 30 deadline

CIM Maintenance, Engineering And Reliability Society Edward Melville (Ed) Patton Memorial Scholarship; $2500.00; April 30

MetSoc Masters Student Scholarship; $3000.00; March 1 deadline

MetSoc Doctoral Student Scholarship; $4000.00; March 1 deadline

Grad Studies Award (British Columbia); $2000.00; November 10 deadline

Undergraduate Students

Hydrometallurgy Undergraduate Scholarship; $2500.00; March 1 deadline

Lucy Rosato Undergraduate Scholarship in Science and Engineering; $5000.00; March 1 deadline

MES-COSMO Scholarship; $3000.00; March 7 deadline

Caterpillar Inc. and its Canadian Dealers Scholarship; $2000.00; April 15 deadline

Dr. David S. Robertson Memorial Scholarship; $2000.00; April 15 deadline

Scotiabank Scholarship; $2000.00; April 15 deadline

Taking Flight Scholarship; $1000.00; April 15 and October 15 deadlines

Student Poster Prize; variable; August 1 deadline

CMP Annual Student Technical Report Competition; variable; October 1

McIntosh Engineering Scholarship (3 year technical program); $2500.00; October 15

McIntosh Engineering Scholarship (4 year university program); $2500.00; October 15

Cameco Mining and Mineral Processing Engineering Scholarship; $2500.00; October 15

Centennial Scholarship; $2500.00; October 15

J.D. Pat Patterson Memorial Scholarship; $2500.00; October 15

Ken Hildebrant Memorial Scholarship; $2500.00; October 15

CIM MER Society Edward Melville (Ed) Patton Memorial Scholarship; $2500.00; October 15

MER Memorial Scholarship; $2500.00; October 15

Byron Knelson Memorial Scholarship; $5000.00; November 1

André Laplante Memorial Scholarship; $5000.00; November 1

BC/Yukon Branch - Mineral Processing Scholarship; $2500.00; November 4

Canadian National Chapter of the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH-CNC)


Robert N. Farvolden Award; certificate; May 15 deadline (Joint CGS and IAH-CNC award)

Tóth Award (student paper competition); $1000.00, free one-year IAH-CNC membership; variable deadline

Early Career Hydrogeologist Award; certificate, free one-year IAH-CNC membership; May 15 deadline

Long Term Service Award; plaque; two months prior to the event at which the award will be presented

Lifetime Achievement Award; certificate; two months prior to the event at which the award will be presented

Scholarship for Graduate Studies in Hydrogeology; $5000.00; November 15

Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (CSEG)

Various awards recognizing contributions to geophysics and society can be found on the CSEG website.

Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists (CSPG)

The CSPG recognizes members through Career Achievement Awards, Technical Awards, and Volunteer Awards, A series of graduate and under-graduate scholarships and awards are also available. Some examples are given below. 

Honorary Membership; certificate, no further dues to CSPG; no deadline

Graduate Thesis Awards; $5000.00 PhD, $4000.00 MSc, $500.00 honourable mentions; 

Andrew D. Baillie Awards; $1000.00; requires a presentation at the CSPG annual convention

CSPG Regional Graduate Student Scholarship; variable;

Geological Association of Canada (GAC)

Details about each award, nomination forms, and additional division awards are available on the GAC awards page.

National Medals and Awards

Logan Medal, J. Willis Ambrose Medal, W.W. Hutchison Medal, E. R. Ward Neale Medal; December 15 deadlines

Yves O. Fortier Earth Science Journalism Award; January 15 deadline

Service Awards

Distinguished Member Award, Voluntary Service Award; December 15 deadline

Distinguished Service Award, 50-Year Members, Honorary Life Members, Certificate of Appreciation; no nomination required

Student or Postdoc Awards

Mary-Claire Ward Geoscience Award; $5000.00; December 15 deadline

​Jerome H. Remick Poster Awards; no nomination required

Mineralogical Association of Canada (MAC)

More details about each award are available on the MAC website.

Peacock Medal; outstanding contributions to the mineral sciences in Canada; December 31 deadline

Young Scientist Award; December 31 deadline

Berry Medal; distinguished service to the Association in an elected role; December 31 deadline

Hawley Medal; awarded for the best paper in The Canadian Mineralogist in a given year; no deadline

Pinch Medal; biennial award recognizing major and sustained contributions to the advancement of mineralogy by members of the collector-dealer community; November 30 deadline

Ann Sabina Award; best self-collected collection at the annual show competition, as determined by the Central Canadian Confederation of Mineralogical Societies.

Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada

Note that submissions for awards open in May of the prior year. Awards are presented each March at the PDAC convention in Toronto, ON. More information is available here.

Canadian Mining Hall of Fame; contact PDAC by June 1, nominations deadline June 30

Honorary Life Member; no deadline

Claire Ward Geoscience Award; geoscience mapping graduate thesis award; applications open in October

GAC-PDAC Logan Student Prize; deadline February 15


PDAC Scholarships are offered at several universities and colleges across Canada. The complete list is available here.

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