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CanGeoRef is a bibliographic geoscience database that covers the Canadian geoscience literature since the early 1800's.  It was developed beginning in 2010 as a collaboration between CFES and the American Geosciences Institute (AGI) with the goal of improving coverage of Canadian publications in the GeoRef database and to provide a less expensive alternative to GeoRef for smaller organizations, companies and individuals (consultants). The database was made available by subscription on September 15, 2011.

All reference data being added to CanGeoRef is also available to users of GeoRef. It is important to note that CanGeoRef contains all Canadian geology references (not just references by Canadian geologists or published in Canadian journals). AGI has reported that nearly half of its GeoRef subscribers live outside of North America; this increases exposure of Canadian geological survey publications substantially. CanGeoRef does not distribute provincial/territorial survey publications; rather, it provides links to the reference source, directing traffic to the surveys.

Purple Rock Editing in Victoria, BC has a contract with CFES to liaise with surveys to capture their publication metadata, reformat it and submit it to AGI. AGI undertakes QA/QC on the data and incorporates it into GeoRef. CanGeoRef subscribers then have access to it via their CanGeoRef subscription.

As a non-profit organization, AGI re-invests income generated by GeoRef (and its associated subset databases) into improvements to the database.

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