The Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences Scientific Statement on Climate Change – Its Impacts in Canada, and the Critical Role of Earth Scientists in Mitigation and Adaptation









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Introducing Four Billion Years and Counting – a book about Canada’s Geoheritage!

The culmination of work done by more than 100 geoscientists, Four Billion Years and Counting and its French language translation Quatre milliards d'années d'histoire are the only books covering the geology of all of Canada that are available in both English and French. This book will take you on an epic journey of discovery, revealing how Canada’s rocks, fossils, and landscapes have evolved over time.  


An ever-shifting drama featuring the building and dismantling of continents and the opening and closing of oceans, the story highlights the basic concepts about rocks, plate tectonics, geological time, and fossils, using Canadian examples.  Learn about how these topics are foundations for economic and social issues–such as water, energy and mineral resources, landslides, the environment, and climate change–that impact our lives every day.

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Geoscience and Canada

Understanding our Earth: The vital role of Canada's Geoscientists

CFES and Geoscientists Canada have released a booklet, Geoscience and Canada, about the vital role that geoscientists play in Canada, their contributions to society and our understanding of the Earth.


It was prepared for a general audience and is available in both English and French.

Download the English brochure here.

Download the French brochure here.