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Geoscientists in Canadian National Parks
Geologist in Residence – Pukaskwa National Park
August 15 - 29, 2022


The Geologist-in-Residence program was delivered in partnership with the Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences and Parks Canada. It provided an opportunity for an Earth Science Specialist or Communicator, Practicing or Retired Geologist, or Upper Level Post-Secondary Student studying Geoscience at a Canadian University to interact with the public at Pukaskwa National Park in August of 2022. “The Geologist-in-Residence” volunteer position was filled by Victoria Stinson.


Travel, food, and accommodation costs incurred by the Volunteer were sponsored. The Geologist-in-Residence, Victoria Stinson, spent their 2-week residency serving as a Parks Canada volunteer. During this time Victoria educated Park visitors and staff about the geological formations and phenomena of the Park by delivering programs and presentations.
​For more information on the goals, objectives and scope of work of the Geologist-in-Residence, for future postings, please download the full opportunity description.

Application Process
To apply for future Geologist-in-Residence position, please watch for announcements. Applications will be reviewed by Canadian Geoscience Education Network Executive and announced a few months prior to the posting.

*Please note that applicants must be fully vaccinated against the COVID‐19 virus. 


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