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Strategic Objectives

To best serve the Canadian Earth Science community, CFES currently has six primary objectives.  In working to achieve each of its objectives, CFES establishes strategic initiatives it will pursue.  For each initiative, specific tactical actions are assigned, all with set timelines.  


  • Objective #1: Provide coordinating role and common voice for member organizations and the Earth Science community in Canada


  • Objective #2: Coordinate public policy advocacy on behalf of Earth Science in Canada


  • Objective #3: Facilitate public awareness of Earth Science and Earth Science literacy


  • Objective #4: Represent and promote Canadian Earth Science internationally


  • Objective #5: Provide service to member organizations in particular, and to the Earth Science community in general

  • Objective #6: Coordinate support for professional and academic organizations in Canada


Each year, CFES reviews its objectives and determines its initiatives and actions for the coming year - in the form of an operational plan.


View the CFES Operational Plan 2020-2023.

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