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International Ocean Discovery Program


The IODP is an international marine research program that explores Earth's history and structure recorded in seafloor sediments and rocks, and monitors subseafloor environments.

Canada participates in IODP in partnership with the European Consortium for Ocean Research Drilling (ECORD). The Canadian Consortium for Ocean Drilling (CCOD) is comprised of members from universities and government agencies. CCOD organizes IODP-related events and activities such as sessions and booths at Canadian meetings, scholarship competitions, and summer schools for students. The activities of CCOD are funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Reseach Council of Canada (NSERC).



Magellan Workshops


The MagellanPlus Workshop Series Program is designed to support European and Canadian scientists in developing new and innovative science proposals for submission to IODP and ICDP.


Proposals for potentials new workshops are invited. Please contact our International Director.



Resources for Future Generations


CFES was one of the sponsors of the RFG2018 conference, held in Vancouver, BC from June 16-21, 2018.  The conference aimed to explore energy, minerals, water resources and the science of the Earth with a focus on the sustainable discovery and extraction of natural resources. 

International Polar Year


2007-2008 was the International Polar Year ( focused on Arctic Research. The Canadian contribution to IPY was funded and managed by the Government of Canada. More information is available here.


The 2012 International Polar Conference 'From Knowledge to Action' was  held in Montreal.

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