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Welcome to the new CFES Video Newsletters!  These short videos will present updates from the CFES Board of Directors and our Member Organizations. Interesting news updates can be forwarded to the President Elect for inclusion in an upcoming video newsletter. 

​​​September 2021

Join CFES President Rachel Newrick as she introduces our recent Climate Change Statement (published in Geoscience Canada), the Climate Change Statement Pamphlet Development Task Force (led by Communications Director, Courtney Onstad), Geologize's "Practical Geocommunication" course, upcoming conferences & more!


​​​March 2021

Set amongst the rocks of the Frank Slide, hear from President-Elect Rachel Newrick, Communications Director Courtney Onstad, and External Engagement Director Andy Abraham as they provide updates on CFES happenings and member organization updates. 


​​​December 2020

Join President Oliver Bonham, Outreach Director Beth McLarty Halfkenny and President-Elect Rachel Newrick as they provide well wishes and time sensitive updates in this holiday Coffee Chat.


​​​November 2020

Join President-Elect, Dr. Rachel Newrick, as she discusses volunteering and mentoring in this Coffee Chat. Communications Director, Diane Hanano, presents the Mentorship Medal to Professor Dominique Weis, and CFES calls for some new directors. 



​​​September 2020

In this inaugural video newsletter, President-Elect Dr. Rachel Newrick provides some updates in the format of a 3-minute chat over a coffee.


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