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International Geoscience Programme 

Formerly known as the International Geological Correlation Program, the IGCP has enhanced scientific exchange through the correlation of geological strata and research data, and making connections between events throughout the Earth's history.

This flagship program of UNESCO is centred on five themes:

  • Earth Resources: Sustaining our Society

  • Global Change: Evidence from the geological record

  • Geohazards: Mitigating the risks

  • Hydrogeology: Geoscience of the water cycle

  • Geodynamic: Control our environment

For more information on our recent activities, please see the IGCP 2019 Annual Report.

Canadian contributions to IGCP are managed by the CFES International Committee, which also functions as the Canadian National Committee of IUGS (CNC-IUGS). The current CNC-IUGS members include:

Chair: Stephen Johnston

IGCP 587*: Guy Narbonne,

IGCP 591: Mike Melchin,

IGCP 648: Bruce Eglington

Scientific Board (Earth Resources): Georges Beaudoin,

Scientific Board (Global Change and Evolution): Valentina Yanko-Hombach,

Scientific Board (Geohazards): Brian Menounos,

Avalon Inst. of Applied Science: Ms Yanko Hombach,

Scientific Board (Earth Resources): Gema Olivo, 

* Theme Leader, UNESCO-IGCP Global Change and Evolution and Chair of the IGCP Scientific Board Member


IGCP Call for Proposals (deadline: October 15th): The IGCP financially supports about 30 projects per year at levels of $5,000-10,000 USD/year (for 5 years) to be used exclusively for meetings or workshops. Projects must focus on high-quality science, be of international importance and societal relevance, show interdisciplinary cooperation, and constitute international participation, including scientists from developing countries.Women and early career scientists are especially encouraged to apply. 


Current IGCP projects with Canadian Participation include:

Project 587: Identity, Facies and Time – The Ediacaran (Vendian) Puzzle

Guy M. Narbonne, Co-Leader

Department of Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering Queen’s University

Project 591: The Early to Middle Palaeozoic Revolution


Michael J. Melchin (co-leader)

Department of Earth Sciences, St. Francis Xavier University

Project 610: From the Caspian to Mediterranean – Environmental change & Human Response during the Quaternary

Prof. Dr. Valentina Yanko-Hombach, Co-Leader
President, Avalon Institute of Applied Science


Project 624: OneGeology

Dr Louise Laverdure, Board Member
Acting Director General
Central and Northern Canada Branch – Geological Survey of Canada

Project 632: Continental Crises of the Jurassic

Dr. Ricardo L. Silva, Participant Postdoctoral Fellow
Basin and Reservoir Lab

Dalhousie University 

Project 653: The onset of the Great Ordovician Biodiversity Event 

Project 592: Continental Construction in Central Asia Canadian Participation

Dr. Richard Ernst, Ernst Geosciences, Ottawa
Dr. Sergey Soloviev, Int’l GeoSol Consulting Inc., Calgary


Project 648: Supercontinent Cycles & Global Geodynamics

Professor Bruce Eglington, Co-Leader

Murray Pyke Chair

Department of Geological Sciences

University of Saskatchewan

Dr. Sally Pehrsson, Leader, Mineral Deposit Working Party Project Geologist, Geological Survey of Canada
Natural Resources Canada


Project 649: Diamonds and Recycled Mantle

Prof. Paul T. Robinson, co-leader

State Key Laboratory of Continental Tectonics and Dynamics, Institute of Geology

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