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Postal Address


Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences

c/o Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
University of Ottawa

STEM Building, 150 Louis Pasteur Private
Room 342
Ottawa ON Canada
K1N 6N5

Board of Directors:

Rachel T. Newrick


Beth McLarty Halfkenny


Oliver Bonham

Lilian Navarro


Linda Ham

Special Projects Director

Project Coordinators and Representatives (May 2018):

CanGeoRef: Christian Böhm (Manitoba Geological Survey, Winnipeg)

Canadian National Committees for IUGS and IGCP: TBD

Canadian National Committee for Geoparks: Gail Bremner (Stonehammer UNESCO Global Geopark, Saint John, NB)

Mentorship Medal: Shoufa Lin (Waterloo University, Waterloo)

Partnership Group for Science and Engineering (PAGSE): Chris Burn (Carleton University, Ottawa).

Vancouver 2018: Jim Ryan (Vancouver)


Member Society Representatives on CFES (May 2018):

Atlantic Geoscience Society - Chris White (Halifax)

Canadian Association of Geographers - Mary-Louise Byrne (Waterloo)

Canadian Geotechnical Society  - Nicholas Vlachopoulos (Kingston)

Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum - Jason Dunning (Toronto)

Canadian National Committee of the International Association of Hydrogeologists - Diana Allen (Vancouver)

Canadian Quaternary Association - Michael Parkhill (Bathurst)

Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists - Neda Boroumond (Calgary)

Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists - Lis Bjeld (Calgary)

Committee of Provincial and Territorial Geologists - Linda Ham (Iqaluit)

Council of Chairs of Canadian Earth Science Departments - Dariush Motazedian (Ottawa)

Geological Association of Canada - Dene Tarkyth (Vancouver)

Mineralogical Association of Canada - Andy MacDonald (Sudbury)

Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada - Charles Beaudry (Toronto)

Observer Society Representatives (May 2018)


Geoscientists Canada - Andrea Waldie (Toronto)


Courtney Onstad

Communications Director


Katherine Boggs

International Director


Keith Delaney

Financial Director

Amanda McCallum

Outreach Director (CGEN president)

Tom Sneddon

External Engagement