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CFES Statement on Anti-Racism

In its role as the coordinated voice of Canada’s Earth Science community, CFES recognizes the many issues arising from systemic racism in Canada. Divisions of any form based on skin colour or a person's ethnic origin deny the dignity that we all deserve of one another; such divisions must be condemned. CFES fully endorses equity and inclusivity, and it supports all efforts toward these aims.


As with other communities, Canada’s Earth Science community – as well as the many research agencies, enterprises, educational institutions, and service sectors that employ Earth Scientists – all benefit directly from the rich diversity of our citizens. It is a source of strength that adds to our scientific, social, and economic capabilities as individual scientists, as organizations in Earth Science and Science in general. Diversity and inclusivity enhance our contributions to society.


On behalf of its 14 member organizations, CFES calls upon Canadians to reject racism in all forms. We all must work together to build a society based on respect and equity for all.


For its part, CFES pledges to:

1) Review its policies and procedures to identify and eliminate bias;

2) Implement Nominations Committee training to ensure that CFES follows fair and transparent selection processes;

3) Actively seek to diversify Board and committee membership, and awards recipients, thereby fully representing Canada's Earth Science community; and

4) Align our activities and actions with the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion.

CFES Highlights

2021 CFES Mentorship Medal 

Sandra Barr of Acadia University is the winner of the 2021 CFES Mentorship Medal. The award is made in recognition for her role in training and fostering several generations of geology students in Canada, and for her second to none contribution in the advancement of the geological understanding of the Northern Appalachians in Atlantic Canada.


2020 Council and AGM & President's Report

The CFES Council Meeting and Annual General Meeting were held via videoconference on April 17-18, 2020.  The President's Report, submitted as part of the 21st Council and AGM, highlights our achievements over the past year.

Geoscience and Canada

Understanding our Earth: the vital role of Canada's Geoscientists

CFES and Geoscientists Canada have released a booklet, Geoscience and Canada, about the vital role that geoscientists play in Canada, their contributions to society and our understanding of the Earth. It was prepared for a general audience and is available on our Publications page.

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