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Where do Earth Science graduates go? 


CCCESD (Council of Chairs of Canadian Earth Science Departments), a CFES member, is collaborating with the American Geoscience Institute (AGI) on a survey of graduates from Earth Science programs across Canada to answer this question. All 32 departments that offer full degree programs at BSc, MSc or PhD level, and including departments with programs in physical geography, have been invited to provide the survey to their 2015 graduates.


AGI developed and implemented this survey in the US as a research study looking at the preparation and immediate future plans of geoscience graduates. It has been sent to graduating students across the United States for the past two years, asking for information about their geoscience education background, experiences while working towards their degree, and their immediate plans after graduation.


The geoscience community in higher education and in industry have been asking AGI for more information characterizing the early-career geoscience population, and the first step is to look at these geoscientists as they finish their terminal degree. This year the survey is being circulated in Canada and the UK.


The preliminary findings of the 2014 survey are available here


For more information about accessing the survey, available in either English or French, contact Rob Raeside.

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