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July 2018


      CFES and Geoscientists Canada have released a booklet, Geoscience and Canada, about the vital role that geoscientists play in Canada, their contributions to society and our understanding of the Earth. It was prepared for a general audience and is available in both English and French!


March 2018

      The CFES mandate includes the promotion of objective scientific observation regarding the Earth and ensuring that decision makers and the public understand the contributions of Earth Science to Canadian society. 


      The March for Science advocates that "elected and appointed officials [be] responsible for enacting equitable evidence-based policies that serve all communities and science for the common good”. 

      The CFES Board and Council Meetings will take place in Ottawa, ON on April 20th and 21st. Representatives from our member organizations will attend, along with others from PAGSE and the SMCC. 

      The Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences is pleased to announce that the recipient of the 2018 CFES Mentorship Medal is Dr. Herwart (Herb) Helmstaedt of Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario.  In his career as Professor of Geology, Dr. Helmstaedt of Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, has supervised and co‐supervised nearly 60 graduate students, along with numerous undergraduate students and MinEx students, an exemplary record of training and mentoring of HQP over 36 years that has produced a generation of broad‐minded, professional geologists employed across the government, academic, and industry sectors. This legacy of sustained mentorship has had a far‐reaching impact on the Canadian geoscience community. Read more...

February 2018

      CFES has sponsored a session at RFG2018 to address the challenges of coordinating the voice of geoscientists at a national level. This session will feature talks and a panel discussion, bringing together representatives from government, industry and top-tier national geoscience organizations to share their experiences and strategies. More details about the session are available here.

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